“Local First” Guides Our Investments

We believe the communities in closest proximity to our development should receive the first opportunity to participate in economic opportunities. Aurora LNG currently employs a number of local contractors and residents to perform and/or support onsite activities including ferry services, brush removal, platform construction for drilling equipment, guides and medics, and marine and land studies. 

Aurora LNG benefits from the proximity of local suppliers and working with people who best know the local culture, community and environment. In turn, communities benefit from our proposed project through direct and indirect employment and diversification of the local economy.

Partnering to Promote Opportunities

The remote location of Aurora LNG can make buying local a challenge, as sometimes the services we require do not exist in nearby areas. To counter this challenge, many of our investment initiatives are focused on building capacity within the community – from encouraging youth to stay in school, to assisting in technical training program delivery. We work with educational and training institutions to support First Nations and local communities to build knowledge and develop skills.

Our goal is to encourage healthy communities with local businesses that are able to compete for work that meets our price, quality, technical and safety requirements.