The strong safety record of the global LNG industry is due to rigorous regulations and training. There are more than 140 LNG liquefaction and regasification plants around the world, many adjacent to or within urban areas. Some examples include FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG Plant in Delta, B.C., the Everett Marine Terminal near Boston, MA, Barcelona LNG in Barcelona, Spain, and the Shanghai LNG terminal in Shanghai, China.

Safety considerations will be integrated into Aurora LNG's project design and engineering, including operational procedures and technical training of personnel at all stages of development:

  • Safety management systems, operating procedures and risk assessments will be used to identify potential hazards and the safety measures required to protect facility personnel, equipment and the environment. 
  • Aurora LNG’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) will include potential accident or malfunction scenarios during operations. 
  • Key safety-related equipment for emergency purposes will include shutdown and depressurization systems, fire protection and safety flare systems (including flare stacks).
  • A safety-instrumented system (including a combination of manual and automatic shutdown and gas depressurization processes) will be used at each LNG process train and the ship-loading facilities to manage safety, shutdown and gas depressurization processes.
  • Fire protection and safety measures (operating procedures and emergency response plans) will be used to protect personnel and equipment.