Aurora LNG is committed to ongoing consultation with Aboriginal groups during the remainder of the environmental assessment and throughout the life of our project. We want to broaden and deepen our understanding of each Aboriginal group’s interests and concerns. 

To date, Aurora LNG has consulted with Aboriginal groups using a variety of methods, including formal Working Group meetings, project-related open houses, technical workshops, site tours, meetings, emails, letters, and phone calls. During these consultation activities, Aurora LNG has:

  • Disseminated information about our project to assist with understanding how it could potentially impact Aboriginal interests. 
  • Worked to develop an understanding of how each Aboriginal group has traditionally exercised, and is currently exercising, their Aboriginal interests in the area. 
  • Discussed and worked towards obtaining information on group-specific existing conditions to inform the assessment in the Application. 
  • Documented and responded to concerns expressed by each Aboriginal group.